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MUST (from the Latin, vinum mustum, “young wine”).
Freshly pressed grape juice containing the skins, seeds and stems of the fruit.
The first step in winemaking. This is wine with all its potential before it.




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rancho california road   temecula valley
autumn color by the fruit stand
photo by múst


autumn in the  vineyards   callaway winery
temecula valley wine country
photo by múst





overlooking the vineyards   callaway winery
theresa  minnette  photography

temecula valley wine country


de portola wine trail
temecula valley wine country



3rd Annual Fallbrook Shutters Photography Show
Pinnell Gallery  Main Street Fallbrook
November 2012


2011 fallbrook shutters photography show
pinnell gallery   fallbrook, california
photo by múst

The Pinnell Gallery, on Main Street in Fallbrook, California, presents the 3rd Annual Fallbrook Shutters Photography Show. The Shutters - a loosely-knit group of regional photographers - share a common goal of critiquing and promoting each others work on their online blog, in addition to mounting an annual photography show.

Opening night is Saturday, November 3rd, 4:00 - 7:00. Photography enthusiasts are invited to attend the show's Grand Opening to enjoy images created by some of the most stellar photographers in Southern California. Opening night of the Photography Show at the Pinnell Gallery includes gratis wine and hors d'oeuvres.

Jennifer Paprock   Gallery Director
124 Main Street
Fallbrook, California 92028
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday   10 - 4
760 | 728 8870

Fallbrook Shutter Photography Blog


cougar winery   de portola wine trail
temecula valley wine country
photo by múst


Where Have The Years Gone?


1974 napa valley wines (plus one 1969)
photo by múst

Adieu to the MÚST Wine Collection

Pictured above - from left to right - a 1974 Beaulieu Vineyard Georges De Latour Private Reserve Cabernet, a 1974 Sebastiani Cabernet,
a half bottle of 1969 Beaulieu Vineyard Burgundy (our oldest wine. we're hanging onto this one for sentimental reasons),
a 1974 Sebastiani Zinfandel, a 1974 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet and a 1974 Charles Krug "Red Stripe" Reserve.
The wines in the background are "mere" 1976 - 1990 vintages from the likes of Mondavi, Martini, Krug, Freemark Abbey and Stonegate.
[These bottles have never been opened. Note that some of them have given up their "Angel's Share" of wine over the years]

As difficult as we find it to believe, it's been nearly 40 years (!) since Karon & I met and married in Encinitas. The year was 1974, we were next-door neighbors and after 6 months she agreed to be my Bride. (I was in Groom consciousness after 1 month).

What followed then was our squandering a couple of years of light-mindedness on the North County coast (the 1960's were still in full-swing in Encinitas, regardless of what the calendar read), before deciding to turn back to pursuing our education, arriving in Northern California to attend college at Humboldt State in Arcata.

During this time, in addition to our scholastic pursuits, we fell-in with a group of wine lovers who were in the process of building some serious collections. And lo & behold, the Napa Valley 1974's were released to great fanfare and all of us were beside ourselves.

1974 Napa Valley reds were considered a gift from the Wine Gods, not to mention it was "our year," so we set out to collecting and cellaring everything we could afford. Fortunately, wine prices were reasonable in those days and even college students had the means to drink and collect serious wines.

But - thank you, George Harrison - all things must pass. Our life is now in a new phase  ... downsizing, culling the cellar ... and it's time to pass these rare vintages onto a new generation. We settled on Tyler Worth, sommelier at the Ponte Vineyard Inn. Tyler's a total wine-head, writes a cool wine blog -  "What's Worth Drinking?" - and we knew he would appreciate the 1974's.

Don't get us wrong, we're not out of the wine game. Our current collection continues on with some 50 more recent bottles of Temecula Valley, Central Coast and Northern California's finest. (We don't buy by the case. We purchase one special bottle at a time).

We never could bring ourselves to drink the 1974's, but having learned that lesson, definitely plan to indulge ourselves in more frequent trips to the current cellar.

robert renzoni vineyards   de portola wine trail
temecula valley wine country
days of wine & roses
photo by múst


As reported in Food & Wine Magazine


2.5 Gallons
Equivalent yearly wine consumption per person in the US

14 Gallons
Equivalent yearly wine consumption
per person in Vatican City

US international wine consumption ranking

Vatican City international wine consumption ranking

Average price of a bottle of US wine


Most expensive bottle of wine in a non-charity auction. (2011). Double-magnum, 1947 Château Cheval

12'2" tall, 3'3" wide
Size of largest wine bottle ever (created in 2011)

533.57 gallons

Volume of largest wine bottle. (A Swiss blend
of Pinot Noir and Dornfelder)

200 Years Old

Age of vines in first vineyard in France to receive Historical Monument status



wine country art gallery   van roekel winery
temecula valley wine country
rancho california road


dorland mountain arts colony
highway 79 south
temecula valley



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photo by vladimir dostalek
temecula valley wine country

For some time now, we've been admiring the work of Murrieta photographer - Vladimir Dostalek of California Photo Dreams.
Mr. Dostalek shoots Weddings, children, boudoir and wine, plus creative fine art photography. The photo above
of homemade winemaking is a perfect example of the imagery that keeps drawing us back to his work.

Do yourselves a favor by visiting his website [listed above], and then traveling on to his photography blog.

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